» Barricades Merch!

In the past few months we’ve been in the studio wrapping up tracking on our full-length album, With Perfect Aim. I’ve been finished with drums for quite some time, so I’ve been working on all of the collateral. Album art, pins, t-shirt designs and more. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

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» Loca Rebrand

hey look, a new locamoda.com. I’ll be updating this post with some process/concept ideas in the next couple of days. UPDATE: view project here.

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» Pocket Process

I can only take the same drumset/beer/food pic so many times. So, when this holiday season came around I decided to dig a little deeper with iOS apps for photo processing. I used an iTunes gift card and bought some (perhaps too many) photo processing apps. Here’s an example of what wound up happening: I start with this panorama I took from onstage at The Middle East downstairs. Then, I twist it using Tiny Planets. I import the twisted photo … Continue reading

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I am very happy to finally be able to post about a project that I’ve been working on since mid 2011. I was asked by Andrew Cook of The Receiving End Of Sirens if I would be interested in doing some album art for a “new release” TBA. I obviously jumped at the opportunity, having been a TREOS fan for quite some time…since about 2003 when my classmate Ben Potrykus was their singer and handing out demos during chorus class. … Continue reading

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» album art in progress.

It’s been forever since posting on here, so I think an update is in order. I’ve had a few rad projects that I’ve been working over the past couple months, all of which are album covers. Here are a couple concepts that I’ve been tweaking on. I’ve included a couple of reference/process images here. The Bion idea took quite a bit of patience and rendering in Cinema4D. What I wound up doing was making a sphere primitive, and using an … Continue reading

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» It’s Nearly August

The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur. I’ve been playing tons of drums, and got to head to Anime Midwest with Lawrence, Pat, and Matt — the LeetStreet Boys. It was a weekend I will not soon forget, and one that will most likely be matched in insanity when we head to Edmonton on August 4th. There is an under-the radar design project that I am super anxious to announce. It happened very fast and came … Continue reading

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» Independence Day

“don’t stand out on the cobbles, step into my wheels”   pretty strange weekend full of friends and fireworks. Celebrating being American by watching Rock N’ Rolla, a fine British film by Guy Ritchie. This afternoon I ate a bunch of ribs.

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» here goes nothing.

so, I’ve now spent some time getting my geek-tweak on with this blog, and I’m liking how its looking. time to unleash it to the masses. friends/foes, please comment and let me know things that you love and hate about it as it is. I want to keep this thing updated as much as possible with things that I’ve been up to, and I want it to be the home for my past, present, and future work. hope y’all dig … Continue reading

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