It’s Nearly August

The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur.

I’ve been playing tons of drums, and got to head to Anime Midwest with Lawrence, Pat, and Matt — the LeetStreet Boys. It was a weekend I will not soon forget, and one that will most likely be matched in insanity when we head to Edmonton on August 4th.

There is an under-the radar design project that I am super anxious to announce. It happened very fast and came out (I think) very sweet. I will DEFINITELY be making a process post about it.

Saturday (July…23rd? maybe?) I spent the day helping my pal Dave Green shoot a music video for the charming and talented Kiley Evans, a local country musician. Her drummer is a drumnerd friend of mine named Jimmy Pemberton, and we all had a blast tearing up the south shore in the heat. The evening concluded with a party scene where my unsuspecting friend wound up the “male lead” and I ate some ridiculous cookies (including, but not limited to, the Inception Cookie: a Chips Ahoy inside an Oreo inside a Nutter Butter). Long but very fun day. It reminded me of weekends spent on random film shoots with good pals back at Emerson.

Barricades got some airplay on 100.7 WZLX on Sunday night. I flipped out. The very same night, I booked my flight to London for 9/2, where I will be with my buddy Shane until we fly home on 9/11 (cheap flights that day, go figure).

Tonight, I tracked drums for 3 demos that Barricades will be sending to our glorious engineer, Brad, along with a few more to start the ball rolling for a legit full-length that we hope to start working on in the fall.

Office life has been bananas. Not helping are weird new internet obsessions with, Spotify, and Google+; I’ve been having lots of chats about these new technologies with my pals, and been having fun using them all.

Turntable, while being the most consistently engaging, is wearing on me. Google+ is beginning to gain some momentum, as is Spotify. Thanks to Spotify, I’ve now fallen in man-love with Dallas Green, aka City and Colour. If this track doesn’t get you, we probably can’t be friends:

Other new music to check out: Dikembe, Friendly Fires, Washed Out, and Tellison.

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