album art in progress.

It’s been forever since posting on here, so I think an update is in order. I’ve had a few rad projects that I’ve been working over the past couple months, all of which are album covers. Here are a couple concepts that I’ve been tweaking on.

I’ve included a couple of reference/process images here.

The Bion idea took quite a bit of patience and rendering in Cinema4D. What I wound up doing was making a sphere primitive, and using an IOGraphica mouse time lapse as a color, opacity, and bump map for a couple of sphere primitives. Inside the sphere, I placed an Omni light and switched it to volumetric so that it cast shadows. Rendering the high-resolution image (3000x3000px @ 300dpi) took roughly 2 hours per image. Even making minor changes to bump maps or light intensity took quite some time to complete previewing, just at 1/8 or so size. Bion seems to be pleased with this concept. The next steps are finalizing fonts and color choice, as it has been suggested that this look resembles a chocolate chip cookie (I must have been hungry).

The Suturee album art is still a work in progress. I’ve included this draft because I like the idea, but what I think is more interesting is the source image. As you can see in the gallery, this cover started with a very punchy blue/purple photo. It’s an artsy bokeh-ed out pic that I took at the Tate Modern while visiting London in September. Suturee is a pretty chill band, so this bright photo is a little too “electro” for their vibes. They dug the image, so I decided to try to come up with something else. Ultimately, we’re still working the concept out, but I decided this is still fun to show. Perhaps they were worried it looks like poop stains…I mean, what?

I’ll post updated versions of these projects and more in coming weeks. I swear I’ll make this blog thing useful eventually.

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