Pocket Process

I can only take the same drumset/beer/food pic so many times. So, when this holiday season came around I decided to dig a little deeper with iOS apps for photo processing. I used an iTunes gift card and bought some (perhaps too many) photo processing apps. Here’s an example of what wound up happening:

I start with this panorama I took from onstage at The Middle East downstairs.

Then, I twist it using Tiny Planets.

I import the twisted photo into Pxl, and create this line art out of it, saving it to my camera roll.

I use the same twisted source image, import it into VSCOCAM and distress it a bit, then finally:

The distressed image is imported into Blender as a background and the Pxl image is used as the foreground. Using (I believe) the overlay blend mode at 50%, this winds up as the composite. I think this is my favorite of the pixel experiments, but there are some more examples below.

I’ve started a tumblr for all of these here, check them out and follow if you’re into it.

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