In the summer of 2011, we were approached by Posterscope in the UK to design and execute a social campaign for the ESPN’s coverage of the Barclay’s Premier League. It was to run across a multitude of digital screens all over London.

This was a tactical challenge, for each type of screen was run by a different type of CMS with varying degrees of caching and monitoring. The LocaModa team met the challenge head on. One of the most interesting debugging situations I have found myself in was during this campaign. I had access to a closed-circuit camera that was across the street from the “Manchester Media Wall” – a 150′ x 30′ billboard that was displaying our content. We had been alerted that the application was rendering “squished.” This was due to the fact that this giant billboard’s pixel aspect ratio was not square, as most of the others in the campaign were. In order to debug this, we had to change the ‘height’ of the swf to be stretched, so that when it showed up on screen, it displayed normally. I spent a good chunk of my evening slightly tweaking the height and waiting for the screen thousands of miles away to update with any changes I was making.

This project was quite a bear, but one I am very proud of. I was also able to meet up with the client in London for a few pints at the tail end of the campaign as I just so happened to be vacationing while it was live.