LocaModa Redesign

As 2012 ended, we decided it was finally time to overhaul the LocaModa consumer-facing site. It had been long neglected and did not represent our latest work and style. I was tasked with redesigning and restructuring how we wanted to present ourselves. Here are a few early iterations:

The final direction is running on wordpress and utilizes the Twitter Bootstrap css framework for managing responsive layout:

LocaModa work page.

Blog layout.

One of the major tasks was creating a simple infographic that clearly describes what it is we do at locamoda. After a few iterations, I came up with this:

The new locamoda.com can be seen live here. I enjoyed being able to dip back into HTML/CSS/PHP land for a project, as most of my work in the previous months was focused on DOOH client work in AS3 and Rails. We are planning on expanding our work portfolio with case studies for our most recent client work.