I’ve been working with Vater Percussion in one way, shape, or form since I was an 18 yr old high school grad looking to make some cash before going off to college. Five years later, at the end of 2009, I found myself taking over the site management role from my friend and Vater’s photographer and videographer Dave Green. Since taking over that role, I knew an overhaul was in order. The design hadn’t changed in about 10 years and was very dark, full of gradient text (images), drop shadows, and TABLES. Check out

So, in April of 2010 I started mocking up how the site would be changed; making it very graphic and image heavy and removing any flash from the site, as well as incorporating the standard social-networky stuff and a blogger engine so Vater’s A&R rep could update the news any time he wanted. Vater has a great rapport with their artists and are constantly doing interviews and photoshoots that are easily the best in the industry, so the constant goal is to showcase these images and videos.

The project finally launched on Halloween of 2010, and is continuing on. I am lucky to be working with a very small team; Chad Brandolini (Vater A&R), Dave, and myself.

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